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O'Connor Development



Subdivision and residential development of a former paint production facility in O'Connor, WA. 



Extensive Asbestos contamination throughout surface soils. Multiple locations with hydrocarbon and heavy metal contaminated soils.

Desired outcome: 


Residential development approval. Responsible management of environmental issues.

Services provided:


Preliminary through to detailed contaminated site investigation.

Development and implementation of a Remedial Action Plan (RAP). The RAP involved an emu-bob to quantify and remove asbestos fragments from surface soils, design of an underground containment cell, and excavation of contaminated material, which was retained on-site in the underground cell. 

Post remediation validation sampling and reporting.

Development and implementation of a Construction Environmental Management Plan and an ongoing site management plan to protect the integrity of the containment cell.

Project outcome:


The project was delivered on-time and within budget. The environmental condition was cleared and residential development approved. All sub-lots were memorial free with the exception of the single lot beneath which the containment cell located (this lot remained suitable for residential purposes).

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