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Your project or site may require:

  • Surface and ground water: investigation for mine water supplies, dewatering, impact assessments and management to complete risk assessments, approvals and monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Waste characterisation: for safe handling and disposal to prevent acid mine drainage and leaching of metals and toxic compounds.

  • Hydrogeological/Geochemical modelling: surface and ground water flow modelling, including dewatering, with contaminant fate transport modelling.

  • Groundwater resource assessment: with experience in primary and secondary (fractured) rock aquifers.

  • Contamination: characterisation to develop mitigation and/or clean-up strategies for decommissioning and closure

  • Hazardous material: to properly manage risk.

  • Compliance auditing and reporting: to ensure environmental objectives and licence/permit conditions are met and risks of environmental deterioration, resulting in costly remediation, are mitigated.

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